for Analysis
its Applications
and Computation
Dear ISAAC members,

the corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world. In addition to China, Italy is particularly badly affected. We have a strong community of ISAAC members from Italy. But many other countries are also badly affected.  We all have to live in everyday life with limitations.  I hope that all of you have the opportunity to continue scientific activities. Scheduled conferences are workshops will be cancelled or postponed. If this affects you, then please inform your community and also ISAAC officers (in the case your event is planed to be supported by ISAAC) in good time. Many scientist have now to work at home. Please remember our very successful congresses in the past, maybe you can discuss this issue with your collaborators. In this way some of these can have some interest in our successful work, in the work of our special interest groups.

I'm sure that we all will be back in Ghent next year. The ISAAC officers and the new board members are looking forward to the 13th congress in Ghent. At the moment, however, the most important thing is that all of you, your families and employees get through the Corona crisis well.

Stay healthy and best wishes your

Michael Reissig

President of ISAAC



The International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation (ISAAC) is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to promote and advance analysis, its applications, and its interaction with computation. Analysis is understood here in the best sense of the word, including differential equations, integral equations, functional analysis, and function theory.

Mathematical Analysis and Applications - Plenary LecturesIt is imagined that within ISAAC certain special interests groups will exist which organize workshops and mini-symposia at the ISAAC meetings. These special interests groups are to operate independently and to have representation on the ISAAC Board.

New Tools for Nonlinear PDEs and Application

With this objective, international meetings shall be organized by ISAAC for the presentation and discussion of research on analysis in the above context. ISAAC will also support, from time to time, other activities, such as summer