for Analysis
its Applications
and Computation

«Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations» (AMADE-2018)
dedicated to 70th anniversary of Professor A.A. Kilbas (1948 – 2010)


First Announcement

The Belarusian State University and the Institute of Mathematics of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences organize at September 10-14, 2018, in Minsk, Belarus, the 9th International Workshop “Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (AMADE-2018). Arrival and departure days are September 10 and 14, 2018.

The Workshop keeps the tradition of previous conferences “Boundary Value Problems, Fractional Calculus and Special Functions” (1996), “Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (1999, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015), held in Minsk, Belarus.

The Workshop is organizing under the guidance of the International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation (ISAAC) and is partially supported by the Belarusian Fund for Fundamental Scientific Research.


AMADE-2018 is organized in the workshop format, i.e. invited lectures of the well-known experts will be given and selected short reports will be presented.

The Topics of AMADE-2018:

  1.  Real and Complex Analysis.
  2.  Differential Equations.
  3. Mathematical Methods in Applied Sciences (in Economics, Physics, Mechanics, Bio- and Nano-Mechanics, Medicine).

The length of invited lectures is 30 min and short reports ‑ 10 min. The publication of the abstracts is planned.


International Organizing Committee of AMADE-2018:

I.V. Gaishun, Academician, Director of Institute of Mathematics, Belarusian NAS, Minsk, Belarus (Chairman),
M.A. Zhuravkov, BSU, Minsk, Belarus, (Vice-Chairman),
V.I. Gromak, BSU, Minsk, Belarus (Vice-Chairman),
S.V. Rogosin, BSU, Minsk, Belarus (Vice-Chairman),
M.V. Dubatovskaya, BSU, Minsk, Belarus (Secretary),
H. Begehr, FU, Berlin, Germany,
V.I. Burenkov, RUDN, Moscow, Russia,
H.-J. Glaeske, Jena University, Jena, Germany,
A.L. Gladkov, Minsk, Belarus;
V.V. Gorokhovik, IM NAS, Minsk, Belarus,
N.A. Izobov, Academician, IM NAS, Minsk, Belarus,
V.I. Korzyuk, Academician, BSU, Minsk, Belarus,
M.M. Kovalev, BSU, Minsk, Belarus,
A.I. Kozhanov, Novosibirsk University, Novosibirsk, Russia,
M. Lanza de Cristoforis, Padova University, Padova, Italy,
V.V. Lepin, IM NAS, Minsk, Belarus,
D.G. Medvedev, BSU, Minsk, Belarus,
G. Mishuris, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, UK,
S.G. Samko, CIDMA, Lisbon, Portugal.


Scientific Advisory Committee of AMADE-2018:

N.I.Yurchuk, Minsk, Belarus (Chairman):
V.V. Amel'kin, Minsk, Belarus; Castro, Aveiro, Portugal; A.M. Elizarov, Kazan, Russia; V.S.  Kiryakova, Sofia, Bulgaria; L.N. Lyakhov, Voronezh, Russia; F. Mainardi, Bologna, Italy; G.I. Mikhasev, Minsk, Belarus; Yu.V. Obnosov, Kazan, Russia; G.P. Panasenko, Saint-Etienne, France; S.A. Plaksa, Kiev, Ukraine; M. Reissig, Freiberg, Germany; E.A. Rovba, Grodno, Belarus; S. Rutkauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania; S.M. Sitnik, Belgorod, Russia; J.J. Trujillo, La Laguna, Spain; Vu KimTuan, Carrollton, USA; V.V.Uchaikin, Ulyanovsk, Russia; L.A. Yanovich, Minsk, Belarus.


Local Organizing Committee of AMADE-2018:

S.V. Rogosin, Minsk, Belarus (Chairman);
M.V. Dubatovskaya, Minsk, Belarus (Vice-Chairman);
A.A. Koroleva, Minsk, Belarus (Vice-Chairman);

S.Yu. Bokova, Minsk, Belarus; S.M. Bosiakov, Minsk, Belarus; D.N. Cherginetz, Minsk, Belarus; O.V. Doubrovina, Minsk, Belarus; A.A. Dutina, Minsk, Belarus; L.A. Khvoschinskaya, Minsk, Belarus; I.S. Kozlovskaya, Minsk, Belarus; T.I. Maslyukova, Minsk, Belarus; T.V. Shcheglova, Minsk, Belarus; E.I. Vasenkova, Minsk, Belarus; I.L. Vasil’ev Minsk, Belarus; Yu.V. Vasil’ev Minsk, Belarus.


Working languages – Russian, English.
Would you like, please, to confirm your participation at AMADE-2018 and send us till May 1st, 2018, the following information:

  1. Name, surname.
  2. Affiliation.
  3. Address (mail and e-mail).
  4. Title of report.

We ask you also to send us till May 1st, 2018, a one-page abstract of your report prepared in LaTex (style file and template for abstract preparation are enclosed).

In May, 2018, Second Announcement will be spread.


Our address:

Belarusian State University, Economics Faculty,
Nezavisimosti Ave, 4,
220030 Minsk 30, Belarus,

Organizing Committee of AMADE-2018

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