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Second International Conference of Applied Mathematics

  •   Second International Conference of Applied Mathematics  

    Here is some information for the Conference.

    1. Address and Duration.

    The Second International Conference of Applied Mathematics will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, August 12 - 17, 2005. The Conference will take place in the building of the Technical University - Plovdiv. 2. Scientific Committee: H. Adeli (USA), G. Anastassiou (USA), J. Dongarra (USA), R. Freund (USA), R. Glowinski (USA), B. Gramsch (Germany), M. Ito (Japan), B. Mordukhovich (USA), N. Popivanov (Bulgaria), S. Reich (Israel), M. Renardy (USA), M. Sambandham (USA), B. Sani (USA), M. Schechter (USA), M. Tsutsumi (Japan), R. Verma (USA).

    All members of Scientific Committee will deliver an one hour invited lecture.

    3. Organizing Committee: G. Anastassiou, D. Bainov (Chairman), A. Dishliev, V. Kiryakova (Vice-chairman), D. Katzov (Vice-chairman), D. Kolev (Secretary), S. Nenov (Vice-chairman), N. Popivanov, M. Sambandham, N. Velkov, R. Verma.

    4. Address of the Organizing Committee: Professor Drumi BainovP.O. Box 451504 Sofia, Bulgaria

    E-mail: drumibainov@yahoo.comTel: +359-888-91 45 32

    5. Aims and Scope: The work of the Conference will proceed in the following sections: Combinatorics; Graph theory; ODE, PDE, Difference equations; Functional equations; Integral and differential inequalities and inclusions; Differential games; Control theory; Dynamical systems; Probability, statistics and stochastic processes; Statistical mechanics; Quantum theory; Relativity and gravitational theory; Integral and differential operators; Variational calculus; Variational inequalities; Integral transforms; Special functions; Fractional calculus; Generalized functions; Operational calculus; Analytic functions; Operator research and algebraic analysis; Fluid mechanics; Mechanics of particles and systems; Mathematical programming and optimization; Approximation theory; Numerical algebraic or transcendental equations; Numerical analysis for ordinary differential equations; Numerical analysis for partial differential equations; Numerical methods in complex analysis; Numerical methods in linear algebra; Numerical simulation; Acceleration of convergence; Interval arithmetic; Information systems; Software engineering; Software technology; System theory; Theory of data; Programming and image processing; Pattern recognition; Parallel and distributed algorithms; Communication systems; Computer aided design; Computer arithmetic and numerical analysis; Computer aspects of numerical algorithms; Computer networks; Concurrent and parallel computations; Data base; Discrete mathematics in relation to computer science; Manufacturing systems; Applications in mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, economics and industrial problems.

    6. Submitting of Abstracts. Please, send us by March 1, 2005 an abstract of your lecture written in English and not exceeding one typewritten page. It should be in a camera-ready form with the size of the text area - 17x24 cm. The abstract should be arranged as follows:

    TITLENAME(s) of the author(s)full current mailing ADDRESS(es) - written in Englishactual E-MAIL ADDRESS,KEYWORDS,MOS(AMS) SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION,

    The text of the abstract.

    The abstract should be sent via air mail to the address of the Organizing Committee or by e-mail at The official language of the Conference will be English. A volume with abstracts of all lectures will be prepared. You will receive this volume during the registration procedure.

    7. Registration Fee. The registration fee is 90 USD.

    8. Accommodation. You will be accommodated in separate rooms in a hotel. The hotel is in neighborhood of the Conference building (approximately 400 m.).

    You will receive information for the accommodation fee (lodging, food, excursions, etc.) in the Second Announcement.

    9. Social and Cultural Program. During the Conference you will get acquainted with the rich archaeology of the city of Plovdiv (for more information see, as well as three excursions will be organized:(a) Bachkovo Monastery.(b) Pamporovo (a mountain resort).(c) Hissar (a 7000 years old city).

    10. Internet Links. Official site of Bulgaria http://www.bulgaria.comSearch engine

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