for Analysis
its Applications
and Computation

As a novelty at the opening ceremony of the second congress ten ISAAC Awards were handed over to those younger mathematicians who where elected by an Award Committee. The awardees were

  1. Daniele Andreucci (Roma, Italy; pdes, free boundary problems),
  2. Dao-Qing Dai (Guangzhou, China; complex methods in pdes, wavelet analysis),
  3. Lê Hai Khôi (Hanoi, Vietnam; several complex variables, pdes),
  4. P. Alexandrovich Krutitskii (Moscow, Russia; pdes, applications),
  5. Pei-Chu Hu (Jinan,China; complex analysis),
  6. Song-Ying Li (Irvine, Ca, USA; complex analysis of one and several variables),
  7. Stefano Marmi (Firence, Italy; dynamical systems, global analysis),
  8. Sergiy A. Plaksa (Kiev, Ukraine; complex analysis, hypercomplex analysis),
  9. Takashi Shioya (Fukuoka, Japan; differential geometry, global analysis),
  10. Dachun Yang (Beijing, China; harmonic analysis, pdes).

The price was US $ 500 for those awardees who were attending the congress. The fund for these awards was raised by the local organizers Professor J. Kajiwara and Professor M. Nishihara. The award committee consisted of H. Begehr, A. Bourgeat, A.K. Brüning, A. Fasano, C.H. Fitzgerald, A. Jeffrey, J. Kajiwara, J. Noguchi, P. Tamrazov, C.C. Yang (Chairman).

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